Jack is a picture book written and illustrated by artist Bryan Molloy for Halloween fans ages 7 and up!

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Andy Taylor (stadium announcer .com)

Professional Tennis Sports Announcer and Radio Personality Andy Taylor reads JACK in a way you've never heard from a children's book. That Sportscaster's sound adds a fatherly feel to this ancient story!

The book reads to you... have a listen!


Verse One, Part One

Verse Six, Part Two

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Jack Illustration
How the Jack O' Lantern came to be...

The Jack O' Lantern comes from ancient Ireland and the Celtic Isles!


In the middle ages, each village would have a night watchman, or town crier. This person would patrol the streets and announce the time and whether or not things were "all well". The night watchman would carry a hollow turnip with a candle in it to light his way!

In the harvest season, when thieves were most tempted by the large stash of freshly harvested food, the night watchman would sequester volunteers to help on the patrol, who all would carry lanterns. The calls on the hour by the night watchman were answered by the townsfolk, who would then yell in response, "All Hollows well!" In those days the language was different but it is the same call used by pig farmers to call their hogs home when it inspired Buddy Holly to write the song 'Peggy Sue'. It sounded like, "SoooWeeee!" This meant that all other watchmen were accounted for, and that all souls, or people holding hollow lanterns, were well. The first night of this recruitment ceremony became known as All Hollows Eve, All Souls Day, Hallowed Eve, or Holy Night, the night that all souls were out and counted, watching together at the summer's end, called 'Samhain', the harvest feast.

To bolster the courage of the watchers on that night a legend grew up around it that the souls of the dead fathers and mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers returned without lanterns or physical form to accompany the living on their patrols. The ancient words melded together and changed over time. This became the holiday called Halloween! The candle represents the soul and spirit of a person, and the jack-o-lantern is the person scaring away evil with a scary face carved in it.

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