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Bryan Thomas Molloy
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My work recombines the efforts of the academy schools which devolved after two world wars and includes technology and scientific achievement to pick up at that point in the late 19th century when art faded in some traumatized, deluded haze. I am continuing the study of painting as a pragmatic and essential function of civilisation while implementing modern tools and technology with a full appreciation for the work of 20th century artistic tradition -- abandoning any reactionary position to life left evident there as a result of the devastating impact of warfare on the tradition of artistic creation and interpretation of the world which was ever-present in the art produced in that hundred-year period.


My major influences were happened upon in an accidental manner. Walking past a discount table by a bookstore I found the work of John Singer Sargent. Standard influences like DaVinci and Michelangelo, were imparted in High School by extremely caring and apt art educators in Westwood Massachusetts. Other, more specific influences from the professional art establishment, such as Egon Schiele and Dennis Miller Bunker were arrived at in a similar fashion in another of the highest quality educational environments in the world, Boston Massachusetts, at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from MassArt 1999

Impressionism was a starting point due to its historical popularity in Boston, but the Dutch Golden Age grew in importance and influence after a certain amount of time in Pennsylvania.

Current work involves a revisiting of the classical Greek and Roman era, and embodies elements of historical smatterings of previous stylistic obsessions, being tailored appropriately to the subject painted.

Studio production focuses at present on a large, process-driven research project, several series which are studied, theme-driven works, and also commissioned portraits or requested subjects at any given time.

An important aspect of the current work is the inclusion of science and technology, reveling in its achievements in imagery that offer such incredible stellar photography of Mars, Jupiter, nebulae, and the sun.

me with blue shirt flip
Bryan Molloy, Boston Massachusetts USA, 1990s.
Molloy at Gallery opening, 2011.
Bryan Molloy with Mayor Papenfuse, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2016
Bryan Molloy with Mayor Papenfuse, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2016.
HarrisProject at AAH 2016
HarrisProject showing at the Art Association of Harrisburg, 2016.
Bryan Molloy at Meloni AAH Soiree, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2013.
Bryan Molloy with NFL's LeSean McCoy, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2011.
Model Karley Blake by Photographer Erik Oginski
kitefest article march 2006
Whitaker Center Kitefest Patriot News Article 2006.
One Night Stand Patriot News Article, 2007.
27th Annual Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
27th Annual Pennsylvania Watercolor Society show catalog, 2006.

All knowledge of History comes directly from the Arts, and observation is the sole progenitor of both Art and Science.

traceys home
The home of Tracey Meloni featuring work by Bryan Molloy, 2018.
me dramatic lighting
AAH Staff Photo
Art Association of Harrisburg Staff Photo, Harrisburg, PA.
Soiree at Tracey Meloni's home
Art Association of Harrisburg Soiree at the home of Tracey Meloni, 2013.
Harrisburg Magazine Tracey Meloni article mention.
molloy thanksgiving
Molloy family Thanksgiving, Revere, Massachusetts, 1990s.
one night stand article
One Night Stand Show Series Patriot News Article, 2007.
Elizabethville Library.
Haverstick Gallery, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
One Night Stand Patriot News Article, 2007.
Molloy at State Capitol Show, Harrisburg, PA.
hbg-mag kitefest article
Harrisburg Magazine KiteFest article, Harrisburg, PA.